The page shows some of the benefits and costs of using the freee to use Parish Council website template
Parish Council Template benefits and costs
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The benefits available fall into distinct groups and depend on the exact needs of the Parish Council itself. What TEEC provides is a solution rather than just a website. 

Security Benefits 

TEEC is a proven secure hosting provider used by some of the largest brands in the world. That same focus on security is provided by default for anyone using TEEC to host this Parish Council Template. TEEC provides a layered defence solution that incorporates at least the following layers: 

  • Volumetric DDoS Defence 
  • Application DDoS Defence 
  • Physical Appliance based Firewalls 
  • Physical Web Application Firewalls 
  • Encrypted storage of all user data 
  • Best practice guidance for securing access to the Content Management Backend 
  • Operating System are patched at regular intervals 
  • OWASP Security Scan completed frequently 
  • Content Management System on which the template is based that is patched using all available security fixes as they are released 

Solution Benefits 

TEEC provides a solution for Parish Councils that can include some or all of the following benefits: 

  • The Initial Template (Free of Charge) 
  • Updates to the template as needed when new internet browsers are released 
  • Secure hosting for the template 
  • A segmented but shared environment to control costs 
  • Direct access to content edits or a managed service to do content edits 
  • Management of the domain and DNS associated with each Parish Council’s site 
  • Clerk or Councillor training 
  • Site availability monitoring 
  • Service desk that provides proven SLA’s and response times 
  • Website and database daily backups 
  • 5 Secure email boxes 

Cost Benefits 

By sharing the provided environment with the other 9000 Parish Councils, TEEC can offer the most cost-effective solution possible for the features needed to ensure each Parish Council is compliant with current legislation. Costs start at just £10 excl. vat per month and includes: 

  • all security benefits mentioned above 
  • all solution benefits mentioned above

Other services available 

  • Content updating service – charged by the number of hours needed per month 
  • Analytics management and reporting – showing you how many, who, and how they are using the site 
  • Integration with social media – Facebook, Twitter etc.