We are using the notice board area to keep you updated on enhancements and fixes being deployed to your template. When used by a Parish it becomes you Parish and Community Notice Board. You can easily edit this text area by our "Dynamics Page Introductions" feature.

New User Guide released
18 May 2020

We have just released the latest version (version 8) of the user guide for using this template.

You can download a copy using the button below.

Feature enhancements released 15th May 2020
15 May 2020

This week we released some new features related to styling your site and altering the way certain images work

  1. We extended the area's where you could adjust the colour in base styling
  2. We moved much of the colour related css code to colourTheme.css so you can make changes to more subtle parts of your site.
  3. In the "news" area we have changed the way presented such that they always cover the area you are displaying and are centred. This increases flexibility on images you can use without distortion of your images.

Auto Emergency Notice
01 March 2020

A feature of the template is that emergency notification or notifications will automatically display once created on the home page.

They also appear on the notice board.

This is very useful for road closures, public health alerts and any other notice the parish considers to be an emergency.