FAQ Page
FAQ Page

Our prices are transparent and can be found on this page of the website.

Yes, we can arrange for a .gov domain name for you and also provide email addresses for all councillors and clerks.

Yes. Just install Orchard yourself, grab a copy of the recipe (template) and install the recipe

Yes, the template provides the base upon which much more can be added. With solutions hosted by ourselves, we will deploy fixes and updates automatically to keep the site compliant

The concept is to provide a solution that avoids any coding knowledge but allows a clerk and the Parish to perform its duties. So clerks do not need to understand html coding.

Most people just need an hour to get to grips with the basics. However, we can provide as much training as needed or even act as a virtual clerk if needed.

Yes, the Template is free. The template is referred to as a Recipe by Ochard Core and we will keep a copy of the recipe available for download and use.

The hosting is done in the UK using a shared platform to manage costs. Nothing is stored outside of the UK and all relevant legislation is accounted for with the hosting package provided

A time of writing, April 1st January 2022, some 150 Parish councils were using the template and our hosting solution. It has been growing at around 2 per week in 2021.