As the first levels of democracy in the UK, Town & Parish Councils have many duties. Add to this the need for transparency and we are reminded that the often-overlooked website is a key part of a Council’s ability to carry out these duties in a compliant manner. Our Website framework/templates also offer the best value.
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    plus events, news and other items you need

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31 December 2021

Parish Council Meeting

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01 January 2022

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Parish/Town Council Websites Challenge

Council challenge

(The many tasks of a Parish or Town Councillor)

As the first level of democracy in the UK, Parish & Town Councils have many duties. Add to this the need for transparency and we are reminded that the often-overlooked website is a key part of a Council’s ability to carry out these duties in a compliant manner. Now with GDPR in place, securing and ensuring the privacy of that communication has become a potentially high risk for a Council’s budget. The packages offered here by TEEC take all this into account and provide the best value solution.

Challenging times, during the Covid-19 pandemic, has meant lots of additional information and support being needed and provided through things like the Parish Website. One advantage of using the template is the ability of clerks, councillors, and volunteers to all add content as almost no programming skill is needed to make 95% of all changes.

The Parish Council Websites Template was suggested by TEEC’s MD (Cllr Adrian Abbs B.Sc.) as a direct result of becoming a Parish Councillor for Greenham in 2018. Having seen the challenges that Parish Councils face, he commissioned the template, and to ensure a high-quality solution is available, he has setup within TEEC the hosting of this template, complete with a package of services available to anyone that needs it. The template is free to use for any Parish Councils or Community Project Teams, even if the hosting is with another company.

Latest Parish News

Launch of Virtual Tour Feature

United Kingdom


May 2021
Launch of Virtual Tour Feature

We are pleased to release to production our Virtual Tour widget. This allows anyone to create a map of key locations around your Town, Parish, Ward etc. End User can then click on the pins and undertake a virtual tour. 

It uses Google Street view to provide the interactive map and you create spots by simply providing a Lat & Lon along with which direction to look in.

A great way to show off what's important to you locally and what will be of interest.

Updated Vertical Navigation Option Available

United Kingdom


March 2021
Updated Vertical Navigation Option Available

We are pleased to launch an additional option for the council framework. This is an update on the previous vertical navigation and support focus's on the best use of any screen size a user is accessing the site whilst ensuing clear and simple navigation.

Available as a update to existing users and by default on all new sites deployed after 31st March 2021.

Testimony From Lavant Parish Council -

‘This was a project that was so way out of my depth I was literally holding my breath…. I am so pleased to have found

What a pleasant experience, I have been guided, trained in website knowledge which has grown huge amounts and all the way through the process with the friendly, helpful Business Development Manager Mark. Great Value for money and very pleased

with awesome end results. Never a problem to call, always been available to get help to amend our simple and easy to use administration package running the website.

Thank you, learning the tricks each day. Tutorials are nice and easy to follow so far!

Dawn Salter

Lavant Parish Clerk /RFO

Testimony From Altarnunparish Parish Council -

‘I have just had a new website completed by TEEC’s - My Parish Council team and the whole process and experience exceeded my expectations.

The service was courteous, friendly and very prompt. The team I dealt with developed an excellent understanding of my individual needs and concerns and took personal responsibility for delivering what was promised in a very friendly, supportive and business-like manner.

This company is very easy to do business with, they get it right first time and I have no hesitation in recommending their product and service.’

Robin Turner

Altarnun Parish Clerk

Parish Council Website Template

Help for Parish Councillors and Clerks

As an unpaid volunteer or clerk your time is important but often limited. By using this Parish Council template you can be sure that it provides a compliant solution, with a team of people working full time to support it. This ensures it is:

  • Always there (monitored and fixed if an outage occurs) 24x7x365
  • Up to date with the latest standards for usability (working across Desktops, Tablets, Mobiles and TVs)
  • Compliant with UK security and data protection legislation (GDPR etc.)
  • Tested regularly to ensure it works on new releases of web browsers (software like Google, FireFox, Safari and Microsoft Edge)
  • Has new features available as the needs of the Parish Council evolve

Contact us on 01635282361 for more details.

We won't just try and sell you something, we will help you through the correct approval process so you can start saving time and money as soon as possible. This includes:

  • Details on what will be needed for the various meetings to get approval to change
  • Presentations and notes to share with Councillors proving the costs saved and the improved ease of use for Councillors, Clerks and Parishioners
  • A specification so you can run a thorough tender process
  • Contracts etc to appoint your new supplier

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