Overview of the transparency code for smaller authorities
Transparency Code
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transparency code for smaller authorities

(Mandatory since April 2015)

What Is The Code?

Since April 2015 the transparency code for smaller authorities became mandatory. This code was created in order to meet the government’s stated aim to increase democratic accountability.

How Do Smaller Authorities Comply?

The code requires specific information to be available on a free to access public facing website. This includes:

  • All items of expenditure above £100
  • An annual governance statement
  • End of year accounts (yearly)
  • Internal audit report (yearly)
  • A list of councillors or members responsibilities (yearly)
  • Minutes, agendas and meeting papers of formal meetings (minutes to be published within a month of the meeting and agendas no later than 3 days prior to the meeting date)
  • The details of public land and building assets (yearly)

You can view a full version of the code using this link, but there are some key points to note

  • Basing your site on this framework will ensure you can meet the code
  • You need to comply if you are one of the following types of authority and have a turnover of less £25,000
    • Charter Trustees
    • Internal Drainage Boards
    • Parish Councils
    • Port Health Authorities

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New features for 2024

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January 2024
New features for 2024

We are launching some new features in 2024

  1. A FAQ plug-in to allow a database of things about the Town or Parish to be created. This is now launched.
  2. We are introducing a YouTube widget for those who want a video on a page. 
  3. An intelligent Chatbot for users to be able to find what they need - An enhanced version of the existing search feature.
  4. An AI Chatbot that will support speech to words - words to meaning and focus on specific accredited resources so people can get an answer they can rely on.
  5. We will also be providing plugins for Facebook and X so your posts and Tweets can be displayed on the website.
  6. We are also looking to introduce VOICE assistant integration for town councils and larger parish councils.

You're not alone

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July 2022
Your not alone

With hundreds of Parish and Town councils now using the template, we are pleased to share a quick map showing where the councils are based.

Do contact us if you would like a demo or references if you're about to make a choice yourself. The more councils that join our network, the easier it is for us to keep the costs per council as low as possible.

Call us on 01635 282361 if you need help.