On this page you will find links to bothe documetation and video's showing you how to use the content management system. There are 5 modules to get you strated
Parish Clerk Training, myparishcouncil training, Parish councillor training
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Training can be provided directly to you if required, however, the concept is to provide you with a system that requires as little as possible. We have placed the training material below into a version 13 of the printable document which you can download with this link.  You can also find training videos on YouTube by searching for MyParishCouncil Training or looking at the playlists available on YouTube

This YouTube playlist is intended for clerks who want to use the features of the framework and This YouTube playlist has a focus on people doing setups by themselves

The icons below and sub-menus in the navigation provide training on the most frequent tasks undertaken by clerks on the website. 

Feel free to contact us if you would like to arrange training for you and your councillors. They are held virtually and cost just £50 per hour ex vat for up to 20 participants.